Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #5"


that was good, but short...nobodies shorts...okay that didnt make sense, and it wasnt funny. oh and kornfreek6969, i doubt that that was a mirror, it looked more like a picture on the wall behind them.
and again, i really liked it, cant wait for the next episode.

not too bad

was a little short and not as funny as your others but i liked it ... btw if that was a mirror behind them it was from an entirely wrong perspective ... it showed a front view of them and it should have shown a top rear view ... but other than that minor mistake it was good


I too know the beauty of the sandwich maker. Another excellent Nobodies Short. Keep 'em coming.

it was retard

i am a big fan of your work but this one was a litte stupid i dont what to be mean but it was a litte stupid i like all the other ones but this one was just a litte retard :( sorry cant wait for episode 4 i think the episode are alote beter then the shorts well that just me.

dude u rock!!!

i love ur work and the humor is hilarios

u have to make more of these or i will kill my sandwhichmaker!!!!!