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Reviews for "Zelda's Real Hero"


People take flash way to seriously...the review before this flamed him out because "Slapping can't knock someone out, jackass". Jeez, its a freaking flash movie, not a major motion picture, settle down. I, personally, thought it was pretty catchy and funny.


The whole thing didn't make sence at all!!!!!!!

Why does he just come up and slap zelda! The title doesn't fit the movie, and the whole thing was just a bunch of dumb shit....my 6 year old sister didn't even laugh and she usualy laughs at movies I think are the dumbest of all shit...

Blue-Shore responds:

What...? Where's your Flashes? Oh wait you dont have any. Please dont tell ppl how to make flashes, its insulting

You idiot

Ummm it was okay. Link was being too sissy, the matrix thing wasn't good, and Zelda could at least have had some dialouge. All Link did was walk up to her and make a slapping noise. Slapping can't knock people out, jackass. Try harder next time and come up with a decent movie before putting it here on Newgrounds.

good stuff

yeah ummmmm didnt really have a point but i liked it ne ways, good job


really frikkin funny man . all of it was funny . it looked coool too. u should make a series of this.