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Reviews for "Zelda's Real Hero"

I Love All Zelda Movie

Funny Zelda Movie Good Work


This is funny! hahahaha.
the screams are cool XD hahaha
keep doing funny movies


Zelda has always been my favorite game, and I really liked this flash :D It was funny and soo random XD

And I loved the music, brings back old memories.

Wish it only was a bit longer tho.. but I know how long it takes to make an flash, so keep up the good work 5/5 :D


Random but in a funny way. I would like to point out that YOUR randomness was funnier than anything the Skittles n Bitz guy can dig out of his ass. Knockin Zelda out of the way like "outa my way bitch!" Only complaint was the music, where did you get it, cause the first half sucked alot. Dont used midi's, midi's sucked when they were first inevented.


Well despite all the garbage that has been seeping into newgrounds with was certainly lighthearted and quite decent to say the least.
It was amusing in it's cute way.
Nice job :)