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Reviews for "Zelda's Real Hero"


i loved all the stupid parts...just the fighting thing is not really my thing just the humour my friend...^^

freakin' awesome

especially the cuccos raping the knight.

good one

very nice LoZ animation. a bit predictable when i come to think about it, but when i watched it, i really didn't see that coming. good job for originality and it was cool to watch.


Predictable, doesnt meet the standards of a Zelda spoof. I dunno just wasnt funny...wasnt exciting...wasnt anything...just looks like you had some practice with some flash work thats all...

Blue-Shore responds:

Im just wondering, Since when there are standards in video game parodies? Thanks for the review tho.

Is this a hero?

Nice flash pretty funny. Not the greatest but what you see is what you get and what you see satifies. However, now I think link is a whimp. Oh well.