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Reviews for "Zelda's Real Hero"

This was great.

This is like the only sprite movie I like, great job! And ignore those other jackasses who flamed ya.

hee hee

ha ha ha ha zelda got bitch slapped... overall somewhat humorous. peace

Pretty good

Really not as bad as everyone else is saying. I certainly thought that there were parts that could be better, but it was quite funny overall. I like the repition of the "Shing!"

...I don't get it.

.......Huh? What the heck is going on? Link just runs around slapping Zelda who is...following him?...Then he...beats...guys...up?.....Huh. I have no idea what's happening.

Blue-Shore responds:

Its Ok you dont understand, it really is, when I make flashes its for the pure fun of it, not for the competitive newgrounding, or to make the best movie... I know my cartoons may not make since, but I make them to get some laughs. But thanks for the Honest review.

ok heres what your director woulda said:

CUT!CUT CUT CUT! YOU, intern! please have the writer SHOT!