Reviews for "Blobbles- ep. 2"

I think this is the best of the series!

i've seen the entire series so far, up until episdoe 4, and i still love this one the must. the best part is when he threw the pie in2 the oven, saying that weird and comepletely pointless (yet awesomely funny) phrase! plz keep these going, and make sure u get ur own web series page on here!

JonBro responds:

I tried making a sound similar to the first throwing-into-oven sound, but failed miserably, so the first sound is cooler than the second.

=D Thanks! A web series page WOULD be cool!

Another funny one!

I really liked this one and I admire the fact that you make a new one everyday, must be alot of hard work!!! Please make more, me needs blobbles!!

JonBro responds:

For you, I'll make two a day. I'll still submit only one a day, though!

=D Thanks!

Episode 2

The graphics here, they were good here as well. Nice drawings of the blob and other objects. The animation here was good as well. Nice lip sync used here as well. The sound, there's blob's voice again, which I like. Also, there were some sound effects which were good. This flash, it was short, but still good. I like what the blobl was talking about the Blueberry pie and at the end, his house exploding. XD Nice work!


JonBro responds:

The exploding portion of the movie actually took, like, 17 minutes to make, thinking about it...

Anyway, thanky!


Thank's man, i going to make bluberry pie :D_D:D:D:

JonBro responds:

Be careful, now! You don't want your house to explode!

Thanks for the review

Lol, I like this blob.

These shorts are fun to watch. Only he would throw away blueberries while making a blueberry pie, heh. I like how everything seemed to have a blue tone, as well as how everything was animated. I like the high, fast voice of the blob, which is somewhat ironic since I usually hate that kind of voice on characters. I'd like to see more of these shorts though.

JonBro responds:

I bet he also throws away the lemons making lemonade.