Reviews for "Blobbles- ep. 2"


SO FUNNY, you got smooth animations, lip syncing is most excellent, and the blob is just soooooooooooo cute

JonBro responds:

...Wow, it's hard to believe how many Os you put in the word "so". You should make a movie about the word "so" someday.

Thanks for the review!

yay! ^,^

Bobbles is going to be quite the series i can tell.

nice clean, smooth animiations you got there.

good lyp-syncing and voices

im going to go make one of those pies right now... but i'll add two forks.
everything is very good, please keep sending submissions to ng.

JonBro responds:

I don't think adding another fork will help very much...


Very good i liked it.

The animation ran pretty smooth and the voice's were nice. My favorite part is when he threw the pies into the oven and screamed out gibberish. Nice work

JonBro responds:

Oh and the other pie!



a pretty awesome flash, except, a fork doesn't blow up an oven. i realize it's a fictional humorous animation, but you should get your facts straight. forks cause problems in microwaves, not ovens. although you could be referring to a microwave oven, in which case ignore what i just said.

JonBro responds:

Well, let's just assume it's a BIG microwave oven. In the original script (which took 5 minutes to make), it was going to be a microwave, then I thought "Don't pies cook in ovens?"...which then lead to just a really big microwave. If you look carefully, there's also a normal-sized microwave.


Very funny. Although I didn't laugh I'm sure it's because the years of Television have desensitised me to comedy.

Once the house explodes I think he succeeded in making the pie.

JonBro responds:


Thank you!