Reviews for "Zelda O.o.T Gerudo Fortress"

Link the drunk son of a b**ch !

...AWESOME SHIT, DUDE ! It would have been perfect if this problem concerning the harmony didn't appear...but I don't give a fuck : I loved this, man ! Yeah, I prefer electric guitars to violins ! It's cooler ! Hey ! And how about doing a cover about Volcania the dragoon ?
Nearly perfect shit, pal !


FlameMesial responds:

As soon as I give Darkside_555 the tab for this song, we're going to re-cover it :D

Thanks for the review buddy :D

Volcania the Dragon. Hmmm....

duuuuuuuuuuuuude sweet

its so amazing i kinda wanted to use it on my myspace for badass zelda music it is


FlameMesial responds:

Not a bad myspace man, if you (or anyone else) wants my myspace, it's


Cheers for the awesome review man!!

Best zelda remake ever!

Man, since the first time i ever heard that song on the game I thought it would sounjd great with metal guitars. Really nicec work dude!

FlameMesial responds:

I thought so too, that's why I did it!

Cheers for the awesome review man!

it was good....

it could have been better though. I think i would have liked it a lot more if you had made it with a little more clairity. on some parts i couldn't hear much at all. and i thought heavy metal was supposed to be loud? Maybe if you remake this song you should make the guitars louder. it sounds like i'm listening to it from another room... well... it was good but i think that if it was a little louder it would be tons better. also you need to work on the clarity

FlameMesial responds:

I've said it before, I think the guitarwork here was shite, because I didn't know the tune well enough to play fluently, and it was recorded with a drum track, a rhythm track and a lead track, which would explain why it's so empty.

I'm seriously thinking about re-doing it, but people have used this in their flash and it will piss them off if I redid it.

Now that I have a new computer, a new program, and the space and time to learn and perform the songs properly, the new version will be soooo much better.

Thanks for the review!


I love this its my favorite song in the audio portal so far. I downloaded it also and I was able to get the file into iTunes ^_^ It's my favorite and most played song in there. Whoa this is my longest review for an audio portal submission (mabey a flash subbmission also) well anyways you rock.(I liked the mario metal also)

FlameMesial responds:

Fucking hell!!

Cheers you crazy bastard!! :D

I'm delighted to hear that you think this is the best audio portal song, and the most played song on your iTunes!!

I knew you like mine and Speedmetalmessiah's 'Mario Metal' song because you gave us an awesome review for that too.