Reviews for "Zelda O.o.T Gerudo Fortress"


I love it! Both as a zelda fan, and Metalhead!!! ROCK ON!!!

10 10 10 10 and guess what 9

i gave overall a 9 coz the bass pissed me off its to repetitive with no change

FlameMesial responds:

Heh, that's when you take points off 'Diversity' :P But nevermind, I didn't really put much effort into this.

Thanks for the strange review!


Great song! I could listen to it all day! Keep it up

FlameMesial responds:

Wow, thankyou :D


I've seen countless Gerudo Valley tracks, but this is one of the best. Keep up the good work dude.

FlameMesial responds:

Hahahaha, you really think so? :P

Thanks for the review anyway man.

Low Quality

More of a rock sound to me in my opinion, but it still had the heavy metal edge. Another song with low quality sounds, which I find a little disapointing. Still good song to listen to, the the guitar solo sounded off on a couple parts when I really listened to it. Anyways good job.

FlameMesial responds:

Yeah, this was the period when I was still experimenting with sound and stuff, and also when I couldn't play very well. Now I've found my sound, and I can play to a good standard :D

Thanks man.