Reviews for "Curious Lil Juney"


fart. :0

Wonchop responds:




~Wizard Lock~

Wonchop responds:


Lovin' It.

Short and sweet. There's nothing more too it, but it works wonderfully well, the humour and randomness of it all fits in well, with the new Flash 8 techniques you were experimenting with (I guess!). I like your logo too... altogether, good stuff from Wonchop :)

Wonchop responds:

I've got a newer one, I just haven't been arsed to replace it.

Short and to the point

I was just checking your stuff when I saw this.

It's good for a short and randomness as always =D

Hope to see more soon!

Wonchop responds:

Thankees. And you will.

a very stupid yet funny flash.

brain day? ooookay.

anyways.....um....yeah, pretty funny though....just the whole world farting disturbed the hell out of me

but still a well done flash.

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :)