Reviews for "Curious Lil Juney"

Banana good.

Yes. GJ. I too have a shoe.

Wonchop responds:

Hooray! We have two shoes now!

Rather strange but good.

The second I saw this flash in the portal, I said to myself that I had to protect it. The graphics were okay, and the music was good. The whole Earth farting thing just makes it seem funny. It was a quickie, a REAL quickie. You coudn't really tell what was going on which is what made it funny. Overall you did a pretty good job. Not bad but not that good.

Wonchop responds:


Nice short.

A little random, but nicely done.

Had to watch it again and pause it on the part where it says "What? You were expecting the world to blow up?"... it comes and goes just a little too fast.

Wonchop responds:



i like your style and use of focus effects.

keep up the good work

Wonchop responds:

tas very muchly

WTF I mean WTF!!!!!

That was amazing really from the "Buton" to the brain ROFLMAO

Wonchop responds:

thankees ^U^