Reviews for "Curious Lil Juney"

Great work, Wonchop!

Been a while since you made something thats totally funny and random on NGs. great to know that your still alive.

Wonchop responds:

=D It's only been about a month or so


Well... that freaked me out. It sort of reminded me of the stereotypical one-layer FBF shorts where completely random stuff happens, but this was mostly tweened, reflected good ammounts of flash knowledge and I got a small giggle out of it. It would have been nice to have had it a bit longer, you obviously spent a lot of time on those characters and drawings, and it seems a shame just to have them up for a few seconds.

Wonchop responds:

ta for the seven



K this was totally wierd etc bla bla bla. Looked a lot to me like Dee Dee from Dexters Lab...


Truth most likely cos the actions were exactly the same!

Still was pretty cool!

Wonchop responds:



strapon boy

Haha. Typical Lil Juney.

Hehe. A very short short but that's what it's intended to be.
If people want to complain about shortness they should go complain on 'B'
Funny in your usual style (gotta love toilet humour and braaaains XD).
More randomness dammit! It lacks super randomness.

Wonchop responds:

Arg, damn you super randomness, just out my grasp :(


Seen this on SheezyArt a while ago, I welcomed seeing it again on NG.
Ah how I sung that song in school after I heard it.

Just had a scan through the reviews and was depressed by the stupidity, "It's too short!" "Stop being random!", yes, that is because it's a random short, dipsticks.

Well done Wonchop.


Wonchop responds:

heehee, how many looks did you get?