Reviews for "Curious Lil Juney"

haha awesome

great work of flash man that wasa great short,. heh... what is brain day?

Wonchop responds:

A day to celebrate the wonders of brains.

good animating,im surprised your 19

no offense but this doesent look like something a 19 year old would make, i am child-like at times but this,no offense, was something that a 5 year old with good animating skills would make,no offense. theres realy nothing for you to improve,your a good animator,i just didnt find it funny,im sure other people did but
overall the animation was the highlight of this

Wonchop responds:

But surely that warranted more than just a 1? :(


Yet again you have won my heart

<3 lovelock

Wonchop responds:



Yay! hehe juna is so cute in this! ^-^ Happy Brain Day!

Wonchop responds:



Pretty good ummmm... it was really smooth animation and very good graphics (I like that) It was REALLY Random though... you should make one with a plot or sometin man (Is that ur style or something? Randomness) Other than that, I liked it!

P.S. Happy Brain Day!!!


Wonchop responds:

Plot? That's what people want from these animations? Aw mang. :(