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Reviews for "Fish Tales"


AWESOME, you're my favorite Author for all time!!

in one word: nice and tricky

that are 3 words right? XD
you know... there are 3 different types of people: people that can count and people that can't count...



Best game of this sort I've played. I like that the mouse is the controler for more dynamic movement. I like that the fish actually must have their mouths near another fish to eat it. I like that the fish have some A.I. (ie. smaller fish move away, larger fish move towards "sunny"). The graphics are really attractive and the sound lends great atmosphere. It was a bit frustraiting and did not make sence to me that "sunny" kept getting small again, and couldn't eat the same fish as the level before. To make it better I would use more fish through the levels. To avoid running out of space I would just make the graphics for the fish "sunny" can now eat smaller relative "sunny's" size. I love the map idea. It would make sence that not all kinds of fish would be in all waters.

Nice fish game

I saw a lot of the growing fish parties but this one is quite nice
a bit boring anyway.
like it!


I have seen atleast 10 games exactly like this. I will say no more