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Reviews for "Fish Tales"

Not all that good

This game is a complete rip of of Feeding Frenzy. Everything runs the same except for a few layout tweaks. All in all, this game was OK


i likes this sort of games, used to play a game like this was fun top grow and eat and becom the king of the sea haha...did you really make all this?? cuz it was damn good made

More, mooore, moooooore!

I like this game. I really like it! The music is soooo calm, I could almost meditate :) And the water theme is also very pleasant. The game itself is easy to play, so man can relax after hard blam day.
I hope there will be some extended version with more fish sizes and more seas to travel. :)

I've seen this before

Dude, this game is on Ebaum's World, only the version there is much better. Yours actually wouldn't have been as bad if there were more than 3 sizes. I liked the way the fish started actively seeking and avoiding you later on, but stll, the original is better.

Way to make an old thing better

Ive seen this sort of game before and i ave to say that this one is the best. I like how u put which fish you could eat in the bottom corner so ppl dont have to guess to see which fish theyre allowed to eat..... gets boring after a while tho.