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Reviews for "Fish Tales"

I liked it.

didn't really think I'd like it but its kind of addictive. it kept me occupied for a while. definately broke the boredom at work.


Good Job.
Unlike some of the others, I like the mouse controls.
Too many games are using the keyboard.
The mouse is much better.
The variety in the levels could be improved upon and/or offer a code to start at the last level or even the last 5th level.
Look forward to the next one and keep up the good work.

Feeding Frenzy Fake Out...

You so coppied this feeding frenzy....what a cop out!

needs better substance.

though this is a good idea, just need something more fun than just moving your mouse around frantically to protect a fish.

also the scroll time is terrible, sure it may seem fun for dragging your mouse around for hours, but waiting for the fish to move to where you want get boring and tedious, please, do something to improve that if you put up settings on your next game to change the scroll time.

it was fun

but there were too many levels