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Reviews for "Fish Tales"

hmm something smells fishy.....

Could it be your game...sniff...yup it is! Smells simliar to FEEDING FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cmon! gimme an orginal based game and you shall get your 10..other than that this game is soo not even getting even a 5! you get a 3 from me!


This was good...on the first half of the first level. The other "fish-eating" game was hundreds of times better than this crap.


Why amke a crappy ripoff of feeding frenzy that is kinda sad. though the graphics were ok and the sound was good it doesnt mean you can rip this off. Sound is only six though because it was annoying as hell after a while and wiolence a 2 cause you eat the other fish.

So unoriginal...

This is one of the crapiest and unorignal things I have ever played!!!This is just like Feeding Frenzy except its the 99 Cent store version!I bet you just took the whole aspect from Feeding Frenzy!

sorry man

dude i think this is crap. no offence or nothin because i bet you put a lot of time into it but it didnt impress me.each level is just a replica of the same thing and about level5 i thought it was really boring. once again...sorry man, but i have better things to do like read spam or something.