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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"


Great game and its medium not too easy not too hard just right except for the plane part also what is the object of the game about i cane beat it and i cant get past the plane part plz help me!


The game was a little annoying because you don't know actually what to hit...


its good on the pick up stuff. all there - except there wasnt any qualification...
the only part i didnt like was the plane bit, it would be better with multiple choice


very hard....i cant finish it lol

........ can you say HARD

seriously??? this game was too hard i mean, for someone just starting out, how are they supposed to know what to choose once they get to the part where he gets the girl alone to talk with her??? this game needs major improvement... like... tell what the icons mean and then it would be up to us to control the plane... oh and make the sky or whatever it is a lil bigger cuz when more icons appear, it gets waaaayyyyy too difficult