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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

why are people rapeing this game?

its not that bad

people just want sex out of this

I give it a 10 because i'm not some nerd that whacks off all day (only some times ;]) and this whole game is based on a book called "The Game: Penetration into the Secret Life of Pickup Artists" and it teaches you everything about picking up girls it was very helpful ha ha ha.


this game is the worst

no offence

most of the "answers" for the negative would get you slapped in the real world......lol


Pretty bad.

Ok first of all instead of using a plane and trying to get what you wanted, why din't there was a chat mode where you may talk and choose your own options. Now there are some good tips they show but there're some bad ones like the opener asking them about a name for a neighboor's dog; they will be like "do I seem if I give a fuck" and also lot of things he says don't seem to have anysense.

Well graphics are good and the bring good tips, but it still makes it a bad game for some and a good game for others. 2/10 1/10