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Reviews for "Megaman: Robot Masters"

funny. sorta.

Definitely not bad, the problem is that the only REALLY funny one is the blue guy's short (I don't remember his name). the others are just TOO short...


That was so funny! It couldn't have been any better in my opinion. I loved this movie for years. No one should rate this under 7 stars.

Consturctive Criticism

It was hilaious, one suggestion pick up the pace just a tad with the word bubbles maybe its just me reading amazingly fast and if it is im sorry.


OMG very funny the ones I like the best are woodman, cutman, and flameman It wold be alot easear if the game bosses where that much of an idiot. the people that rate under 7 is a bastard

Bombman and cutman are such idiots...

LOL! Even megaman can't stand breakdancing ! 0_0 I spelled that wrong didn't I...