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Reviews for "Megaman: Robot Masters"


This was frekin Hilarious XD

Very Funny!

Your videos are VERY funny. I like this movie. It is awesome! Great job! Your sprites are super duper ultra funny, but Megaman was the funniest.

I liked the Knightman one, the Gravityman and the Flashman one the most

wtf your saying?

i read at much movies opf you that you say your movies are not funny, but your movies are funny!


and very original flash to be honest. Im making a project thats kinda like this one but with sprites of megaman X.

I specially liked the magnet head guy one. quick original and funny.

Don't make me laugh Robot Masters.

I swear I knew the Robot Masters were dumb, but I didn't know that they were stupid. Those Robot Masters will never defeat Megaman. The only one that beat him was Flashman. LOL! I didn't know that he was gay. My two favorite Robot Master mishaps were Bombman's mishap, and Gravityman's mishap. That was funny with the Mario music, LOL! You should make a Megaman X movie, featuring the Mavericks.