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Reviews for "Megaman: Robot Masters"


i thought it was clever not to mention very funny! Some Jokes Were A Little Dry Though but it looks stylish!

if you think about it...

bombman looks a bit like Mr.T. anyways it was pretty funny. i like them. sure some of them were lacking but i liked that guy who was break dancing and the anti gravity one where that blooper appeared. everything else wasnt that funny.

its cool

this video is very good, good good, GOOOOOOOOOOOOD FOR MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is awesome funny. Calification

Cutman-B Funny
Gravityman-D/Not so Funny
Flameman-F/So much bad
Knigtman-D/Not so funny
Bombman-F/so much bad
Woodman-D/Not so Funny
Magnetman-A/insane funny
Flashman-A/insane funny


never use a heat-seeking missle when you are covered by flames!