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Reviews for "Megaman: Robot Masters"


this was funny as hell... i liked the iceman 1


that was really funny,i couldn't stop watching!Great Job!continue with these

You know what? Lol, that's what.

Damn. man! this this is like...uber...pwning!!! I watched it at least twenty times! Oh god that was funny....robot bosses should be that stupid in the games....the AI would suck, but WHO CARES?!?! Rock on. And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTT T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO f.u.n.n.y..

this is funny but... can of these made more with all of instead these guys they are DEAD? please made more or dis movie...


I like this but yeah.......,
I want a new serie robot masters with lesser robot masters that suicides themselfes in an dumb action.

sorry for that.