Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"


Thnx for submitting a super movie!
(BTW, it's my birthday today. :D)


I hope you guys stay high for ever to keep making funny shit like this but i dont see how there could really be a story. o well still good stuff. love bla60

All that hate SNB are total "mega She-Men!"

god that was funny,my favourite was the mega man scene:)

oh my bob!

where did you get the bg music for the scene with that one kid that was whispering to that pumpkin-looking thing?! sorry, i don't play alot of video games, so i wouldn't know what games they're from or who they are or crap like that. Great work, btw!

My Fav.

out of all the skittles n bitz, I personnally think this one is my favouite. Mostly because of the CNN news. I Couldn't stop laughin after Mario kept sayin F***. but what you could of done was make yoshie eat that fat shy guy and instead of an egg, its yoshies crap shaped like an egg but much more huge.LOL! the movie was funny anyway.