Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

Funny as crap dude

The first scene was priceless

I voted 5!!

anyways i like how you kept it random one thing i didint like tho is the scat scenes keep it up and most of all keep it random! ~Xill


Wow, Wario2K3( or MajinPiccolo), you're working at a fast pace with these SN'B movies. Good Job!

this is funny

this movie is very funny good job guys

I dunno,

Something like this, I'm not really sure. The humor was a little rushed out and pulled out randomly, but I still got laughs out of it.
Somehow, you managed to pull off a succsessful scat joke, so you get a point for that.
At the same time, you managed to pull the sprites together correctly, and I know that is hard. Two points.
However, the style of the flash has been done a thousand times, random humor strung together in a "Robot Chicken" kind of matter. I mean, I'm all up for randomness, in fact, I love it. This just so happened to work well, but after awhile got old, then good and old, mostly because I can relate to the games that you have made a parody of.
As for Graphics, as said before, Sprites are hard but this worked well. 8/10
The Style is, as said before, overused but still in its own class.
The Sound was great, and fit together with the movie. The recordings were clear and easy to understand with subtitles.
As for violence, I'd assume that it was kind of violent, but it's not even that important.
For Interactivity, you have a Play Button, Scene Select and something else, I don't remember.
With Humor, it was pretty out flat and good. I actually ended up laughing and hit my head on the desk. That normally doesn't happen.
The Overall score is always the hardest, but I ussualy fix it up with everything else, which is needless information, MIGHT I ADD.
I'd assume that in effort it took a long time, at least more then 5 days to pull this together, and the sprites actually moved correctly.

I honestly don't want to go through the whole series reviewing this long, so think of this review in paticular as a review of the whole series. Good job. I'll give this a four.