Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

You should make more movies with random mario talk

Mario: MMMMMMM! Mama ******! Lets-a **** Luigi!! Oh **** NO! Oh ****! WHOA! **** you! OOh ****! Oh mama ******!!

I STILL can't stop laughing.

This and you are DEFINITELY going into my favorite submission and author lists!


You have heard my request, and fixed mario's voice! Kind of, i guess....Anyway, this is the greatest one so far, and with # 6 coming out soon after, only one thing awaits to be told, so KEEP EM COMING! and use my fav guy, DK, haven';t used his sprites yet.

give me more humore's episodes..i beg you... ;)

it is soo good...i like the mega man part..."Hah..megaman..look more like Mega "She man" ....what are you gonna do? , throw me a bocae of flower's , oh my bob!!"
I just love the humor i just can say ;) i really apricuate all these movies you make dude..ore if you are more peaople on this work..i just..LOVE IT ^^ ...Keep the good spirit upp ;)


the albert eignstien of flashes



Man, SNB's are the best, total Ninjaness!!!