Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"

Calm, soft, relaxing.

I'm almost speechless. If I were wholly speechless, then I guess I wouldn't be writing this. I can't express how much I enjoy listening to this song. It's like every time I hear it, a story plays out in my head. A lot like one of those "feel-good" movies you watch with your mom...
But I digress; This is truly a work of art and a masterpiece that shouldn't be confined to NewGrounds. It should stop living transparent so more people will hear it. Beautiful.


Beautiful work of art man! You sure got talent.Thats sounds like you are a professional.Good job. :)


That's quite a piece that just got stuck in yer head. I wouldn't do a THING to it! It's wonderful just as it is! Somethings are just meant to be solo piano pieces.


First of all, let me start by simply saying how wonderful this piece of work is. It is really rare to find something with so much feeling in it expressed through piano keys, and I can see why it must torment you to not be able to expand on this, give it what it deserves. There is very little I would do to it to expand, let alone change/correct, but you ask for help, so I hope my opinion will do just that. It's a simple melody of sorts, I picked up this song structure (the title of my review). Nonetheless, each part has a different feel, and subtle and strong variations that all flow quite naturally. I have no time (until perhaps Summer vacation) to take this masterpiece and "work" on it... but I somehow feel like the message you are trying to send through the piano would be better conveyed, better felt, if it became orchestral. A solo beginning on the piano, until the "B" section, 00:35 to be exact, where a violin(s) harmony starts off slowly (though I don't know too well how right now), reaching full volume (not loud as to cover the piano) at 1:05. another idea would be to start them off directly at 1:05. Then at 1:35, a kettle drum roll with a ride cymbal crash using a mallet to start off the second "A" section with more carrying violins, and the introduction of a brass section, to really accentuate and give an overpowering feel to the song. The harmonies continue until 3:06, where they quickly die away to leave for the piano ending, surely meant to be single and sweet. It's hard for me to recommend this, having no clue what it would be, but an extra "C" section could be added, to add variety and length, because for some reason I feel something is missing... Just can't imagine how it would be, or how to fit it in. Again, I'm uber busy and don't have any proper software to simulate what I've just described, but this is wonderful overall. If there was but one thing I would change, it would be in the first "B" section, where, for example, at 0:38 and 0:42, the cange between chords seems slightly choppy. I can see you mean to alternate between stronger and more attenuated parts (I hope), but it's too noticeable, and it tends to ruin the perfect flow of the A sections before and after. I'm not a professional musician, just a music afficionado, but I hope this review might help in some way to find what you are seraching for, even if it inspires something completely different. I envy your creative genius, something I lack, but trust me when I say I know a good piece of music when I see one. Keep up the good work! 10.

PS. On a completely different notice, this song somehow reminds me of the songs in "The Sims" build mode (which I love, so please take it as a compliment) LOL!

dont touch it!!! :D

Its too beautiful! Agreeing with Shadow-Savant... it just flows so perfect. I dont know if the title has anything to do with the song, but I think anything or anyone who can create such a sound isnt transparent. The song seems so happy and deffinately uplifting. Almost as if the song is saying someones life long dream has really come true. I definately got emotional after connecting to this song. I love an artist who can display such emotion.