Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"


I've been playing this song on my piano at home recently, and every time someone asks me if I wrote it, I secretly wish I had. I'll try to record me playing it, or maybe a video on youtube for the people who require sheet music, so they can just watch someone play it, albeit played a bit differently. Thanks for the inspiration! Truly a fan.


Even though I agree with you that something is missing, it is simply beautiful as it is. Sometimes the most beautiful things in the world are the imperfect ones.

Do you have the sheet music of this piece? I would so buy it from you if you did, and then as a fellow pianist (albeit an insignificant one) maybe I could try out a few ideas.


really touching....

very touching, it almost made me cry,....
Reasoner, ur the best beautiful music artist I ever known in Newgrounds.

Quite Simply

One of the most moving things I have ever heard. It is so peaceful, yet full of so many emotions. It's songs like this that justify the existence of the piano and the Audio Portal.

Breath Taking

Again you have made a brilliant master piece. It puts me in an amicable state of mind listening to this song. Your music sounds perfect from the beginning to the end.