Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"


This song is incredible. I cried through the whole thing,and normally I dont cry due to songs. THe emotion that went into this is just breathtaking ( sorry, couldnt find the right word to go there). It makes me feel so many different things at once it is unreal. I want to be happy and sad and contemplative and all these other things at the same time. You are a musical genius. This is just beautiful. To be honest this doesnt even need to be expanded on. This is a great work of music in and of itself.

Great job.

shared on facebook for my friends to hear


Absolutey Breathtaking

this song is just an all around amazing. it just puts so many emotions threw you. i am trying to learn this by ear but i just can seem to stay focused long enough because i end up just sitting back a listing to it lol, if you dont mind sending a score that would be amazing and im going to agree with wallmunky503 and say this song does ned to heard everywhere

15/10 10/5 by far one of the best songs ive heard

So great and inspring

This song has encouraged me to play more piano than ever before. I'm dying to learn this song, but I'm not so great when it comes to playing by ear, I know it's a lot to ask for and that it's been asked many times, but I'd love to know if I could find a complete version of this song down in notes on a sheet. I'd love to be able to play this piece live for other people. This song needs to be heard all over the world, and I'd be happy to play it, and give credit where credit is due by doing so.


I listened to this and initially thought it was pretty decent, but it really hit me a few minutes later when I went to sit and eat dinner with my family. I had the song stuck in my head and for like no reason whatsoever, I felt like crying. It was like a wave of emotion.

My life's been pretty tough these past few months but I keep it to myself without telling friends or family. I guess all the pent up emotion was released after hearing this song. Even though I didn't actually cry or get teary eyed, if I didn't hold back I'm sure I would have.

This is a masterpiece man, thank you for putting it on this site.


You are a Musical Genius, Words cannot explain the emotion that was put into this song and all that it gives back, hard to believe this all. This is beautiful, I literally had tears in my eyes while listening to it, Im twelve, yeah a kid, but it's incredible to hear this composition of a song. It makes you paint a portrait in your head which describes life itself. Please keep on doing music with value and meaning like this, I have always admired your song-making and I always remember 3 words, Hope, Love and Life.

Take Care and Great Job