Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"


You have the BEST pieces of music I have heard in a long time. These songs bring up emotions in me that most music just can't reach. You're truely a musician who will be remembered for generations. Thank you for bringing true talent into a world of otherwise dim hope for real music! Keep up all the good work! I hope to one day see the name Reasoner up in lights all over the world! Keep it up!

It's songs like this...

It's song's like this that make me have to return to my Ipod or Itunes account and check on whether I'm listening to you or George Winston, one of my other favorite artists. I honestly can't tell sometimes, both your work is amazing.

Piano solo's of yours are my favorite, this is really an amazing one.

Reasoner responds:

I *heart* George Winston :)


This is my favorite song out of them all. I absolutely LOVE this song! I just can't get this song out of my head. Thank you, REASONER!


first of all i luv dis song and i have an idea of a techno version of this but i dont know how 2 make music. the techno 1 and this 1 is stuck on my head...

Perfect as is...

I listened to a few variations on this song that tried to incorporate other instruments, but I think the song is just much better being a piano solo the way it is already.