Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 3"

Quite Funny

the flash was very well put together, but it wasnt as funny as the second episode, but it made me laugh nonetheless

Funny Funny Funny!

wtf waas up wit da guy and the light shining on him when it shined ovr him like 20 times! lolz

Have you ever heard of orginality \

Now all bt the 1st and last one was funny, the problems were
For the first one, That joke was from "Family Guy", with the wood pecker
For the last one: JUST NOT FUNNY!

OK, we have to talk...

No. No, no, no, no, no. No. This is supposed to be FUNNY. Which is supposed to at least, at the very least, make me smile a half assed smile. But no, I do not smile, at all, I do not think about smiling, I just shed a tear that I just spent the time watching another bad flash. Here, so this review isn't totally cruel, I'll give you some things to think about for future flashes. A.) Quit focusing so much on physicall humor, that kinda died out 9 year before pueberty. B.) Originallity has never hurt anybody...in the world of flashes. C.) Watch some good movies like Dr. Strangelove and This is Spinal Tap amoung others; I think one of your key problems is that you don't know what "funny" is. D.) Experiment.
I'm going to go and watch the next episode now, and even if that one is just as bad I'll watch the next. This series has SO much potential... I just want you to finally tap into it.

PS. E.) Have one of your good funny friends write a screenplay for you...or me, yeah, let me right a screenplay for you...yeah...


it was funny and the panda rocked! after awhile, it got boring though.