Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 3"

yeah it could be better

no wher near as funny as SnB8. need more to it. the last one was gay. you could do better wario

not as god as the others

liked the first two better

Not as good as the first two

The humor seemed a little dry this time around, and the voice acting was only decent. The animation though was still good. Overall, I'm slightly disappointed.

You're right...

...we don't have a sense of stupid humour. If we found stupid things funny we'd be all over this moths-to-a-lightbulb-style, but fortunately we don't. His voice acting is probably what drags the whole thing down, since it sounds pretty horrible and overrated, but then again the jokes aren't really that funny anyway. Skittles & Shits is funnier.

o go to hell!

Skittles and bits series is mad funny i guess you have no sense of stupid humor! great job man just ignore those asswholes i like tov see them create their own skittles and bits!