Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 3"

holy moly

wow....lol!!! i laugh more than wen i got a hernia!!! any, how do make a sprite film?? i wonder how...can sum1 tell me?

Not nearly as funny as the others.

SOrry man, you tried too hard with this one. For example, with the jaws paradoy, the ghost guy shouldnt have said anything. Just switched off the boom box and did a laughing animation. Him saying "Works every time" just made it cornyer then it alredy was. Just like in the rest of the skits, sometimes less is more.
And i dont know how many times the light passed over the battletoad and the guard didnt see him.........


the ending animation phusking rocked....oterwise it was kinda mediocre....9 anyway!!

Jeje... Nize !

Oh man... that was nize... loved the video game style graphics... despite its a bit unclear on how they look... the anticts were funny. Keep it up... ima be waiting for the next one. Also, big props to the cowboy bebop begining theme you used as the ending theme...


its just like super robot chicken!!!!! funny! keep it up!!!!!!!!!