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Reviews for "Corporate Dummy"

Very Nice.

I really like it.

oh1 ym gdo yovue doen ti agan mna ist lkie teh stroy fo mY lfie!!! bUt htw olny difefrence is thta theer is nO KORN YUO BSATARD WEHRE IS23! TEH KORN!!!

I think I can translate:

Oh yeah good, you`ve done it again, I mean its like the story for my life!!! But the only difference is that music is not KORN you bastard,

I speak short-hand. : )

Awsome animation......

It's alot like a tv ad........besides that it kinda non-sensical type of thing........good watch!

You have come to the right place

Awsome graphics, awsome song, a definite flash im going to make sure i see again


i thinm im only 2 things that the list said u must be

Quite Nice

Great animation Heretik!

It's been a while, so I figured I might as well post some reviews for ya! :)