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Reviews for "Corporate Dummy"

Great work!

This style.. woah.. amazing.. GREAT style!
Nice idea too. I think the german track was cool. :P

HeRetiK responds:

thanks buddie ;)


Great animation style, The sound fitted, the graphice were amazing, wow!

How the hell??

How the hell did this amazing peice of art only get an 8!?!??! This was so cool and good. The sound worked perfectly with the animation! The colours and backgrounds were solid and well put together. I especially enjoyed the music. I kinda reminded me of rammstein crossed with NIN (the new stuff).
Brilliant work m8.!

All my 10 r belong to this

Another awesome video from MINDistortion. If there was a column for originality, this would also get a 10 for that. Who would have thought a flash about the corporate world would be so interesting? The music was spot-on and interesting, and had me dancing in my chair. Graphics were well-drawn and well-thought out. No violence, but a functional rewind and fast-forward button were above and beyond the call of duty for a Flash. Way to go.

nice talent

It was good. It had a good plot and good use of symbolism and all that stuff. Good job.