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Reviews for "Corporate Dummy"


Graphics: Well drawn. Not a black line in sight.
Style: Dunno
Sound: Good
Violence: None
Interactivity: None
Humor: What made me laugh was the very last bit when the dummy got dropped down and the boss said "Bye bye"


Ok, I am going to be honost... I HAVE NO CLUE WTF THAT MEANS! But, it kicked ass. By the way, why did you make the voice acting german? *It souds awesome in German though. ;)*


this video is fuckin sick!!

Impressive. Very True.

Impressive, and very true symbolically. I loved it. Interactivity - superb! Please make some more like this. I really enjoy watching them.

Good job :)

That's life

This is just how life is, you have to accomodate to the circumstances and work hard to be successful (and even then you might not be so). But I've got a little question, bist du ein Deutscher? Würd mich freuen, mal einen anderen hier auf Newgrounds zu treffen.