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Reviews for "Corporate Dummy"

you rule.

i saw this on your website before it was on here. You are a great artist.

Corporate dummies....

Corporate dummies, the people you love to hate, this was an awsome flash really good graphics and effects, i like the part when the guy was at the top then fell down, so funny to see a corporate dummy fall on his... well you know what i mean


id give bonus points for the german if i could. :)


Well, this kind of sophisticated and alternative work doesn't come along very often on Newgrounds. Excellent work! If you can replicate this kind of quality in a sequel, I say go for it!

soooooooo coooooooooooooool

ur like my idol!!!!! his rox like all ur stuff!!! i love this!!!! all ur stuff is great!!! some of it is hilarious and some is very deep and sad! but this i love!!best ever!!!!!!!!!!!