Reviews for "I Close My Eyes"

nice Job

it's simple, refreshing and collected...there is a talent behind it..

love this

good beat cant wait for the lyrics aswell

This is old school

Most of the hip hop songs I don't like but this is old school and that what I like. I think that you should either remove the lyrics that you have in some parts of it, or you should have more lyrics in it. PS if you do add lyrics could you please make them so that everybody can understand them. Keep up the good work.

C-Enterprise responds:

Yay the "lyrics" are only my tag repeating "2009 symbolic productions" ehe
the track with italian lyrics is on my cd, free downloadable from my website.
thanks for the compliments ;)

Wow dude

This is my favorite song by you so far
this is super chill
not to long youll be number one all the
time i just read the news about your cd
and i will def check that out bro
keep up the awesome work
your ripping this shit up
i might have to write some lyrics and show you
sometime dude keep it up
and update me if you can

C-Enterprise responds:

The cd is already online, i'm working on a new one now.. quite slowly but anyway.. ehe
thanks for the big props man and by the way, new track online ;) called "pure entity"


Your probably the best and most consistent artist on here. Most people have one song that goes to number one and then they fade away, but your beats consistently equal or surpass their level. Im surprised you haven't been flooding the top of all time. Its actually quite hard to sum up in words.
Great song as always. 5/5

C-Enterprise responds:

hey thank you very much :D
i'll always try to make my beats better under every aspect
peace man and thanks for 5 and 10 ;)