Reviews for "I Close My Eyes"

Well done

Very nicely done. I hope you can do more of this.

C-Enterprise responds:

I will i will ;)
thanks for props and vote ;)



The piano rlz!

Maybe a little too loud for the melody (or harmony? they're all the same xD)

Still, instead of an 11/10 u'll get a 10/10 :) and a 5/5


C-Enterprise responds:

LoL i'm fine with the 10 thanks ahaha
thank you again for your review and support ;)

pretty awsome

tad repetitive but il still crank this!

C-Enterprise responds:

hehe glad you liked it ;)
thanks a lot!


This is a truly awe-inspiring song, it's just right, its slow, but not to slown and also, the piano, alto repetitive, it has a perfect repetitive tune, and the other thing is that it has a madd beat to it, keep up the GREAT work!

C-Enterprise responds:

ehehe thanks a lot ;) for props, vote and review in general ehe


I Thought you Deleted Off Of NG For A While Or Sumshi Thats Y I Havent Reviewed N E New Stuff But Watever Dude Still Laying Down The Fire And Emotion On This Fucking Site Dude... Cant Wait For Your New Shiiieeet... Congrats On The Collabo Too... Burly And Dex Are Tight For Those That Dont Kno... Them Dudes Are Intelligent Rappers... Cant Wait For That Shit Either... Rated 10 And 5/5

C-Enterprise responds:

thanks for the vote lol
but we probably won't do the collab anymore, maybe later on..
thanks for your comment ;)