Reviews for "I Close My Eyes"


Hey bro I love the style you brought on this track, and I'm a rapper myself and I would love to ask if I can use your beat to freestyle on. I'm not taking credit or anything but I'll be sure to inclue your name. Messege me back or something. xD

C-Enterprise responds:

if you are going to post it on newgrounds no problem
just don't use this beat to make money from it since it's copyrighted lol
thanks for the props ;)

Amazing track

This piece has depth man! I love all of your pieces because you put thought and feeling into each piece. The piano on this one is amazing, like all your others, and the drums go along perfectly. I would totall ybuy your CD if it was english lol.


C-Enterprise responds:

you can still download it the first november 2k9 lol
thanks for the props, i always try to make my beats with some depth to make them more professional, doesn't always work lol
thank you again anyway for the ten and the review ;)

5s n 10s

This piece is real... can feel pain n thought put into it. this sound is amazing and with the right lyrics u can reach peoples hearts. keep doin what u do cause what u doin is Real... Stay up. PEace!


C-Enterprise responds:

I am real and glad someone noticed ehe
staying true it's still the motto
thanks for the props ;)

It just sounds sad...

No mistake the music sounds great, I have no doubts about it. Especially the piano part. However, somehow when i listened to it... its like someone who done something or had someone who left him and when he closed his eyes, all the sads experiences or emotions came to him. Humm you know those sad feelings.

Really waiting to see how the lyrics goes..

C-Enterprise responds:

well no real actual experience but hey i had my sad moments before unluckily
i just got inspired from these moments and threw down this beat, lyrics will be about other stuff though ehe
thanks for your review man ;)

really beautiful

it sounds so determined and nostalgic.
lyrics will sound amazing over this.

C-Enterprise responds:

I hope they will because i'm gonna sing on this :D
thanks for your review ;)