Reviews for "I Close My Eyes"

This shit was raw

Hey yo man. I'm tryna use this beat. You cool if I do and put it on my myspace an shit? Look up Yung Typhoon on myspace. I'm the cat in the red hooded black hoody lookin out into the darkness. Btw, if this is considered as advertising another site, excuse me. I'm just tryna get my tracks heard and use this beat.

C-Enterprise responds:

sorry man not on myspace.. but if you wish to use it and upload it on NG no problem that's fine with me ;)
and thanks for the ten ehe

It just sounds sad...

No mistake the music sounds great, I have no doubts about it. Especially the piano part. However, somehow when i listened to it... its like someone who done something or had someone who left him and when he closed his eyes, all the sads experiences or emotions came to him. Humm you know those sad feelings.

Really waiting to see how the lyrics goes..

C-Enterprise responds:

well no real actual experience but hey i had my sad moments before unluckily
i just got inspired from these moments and threw down this beat, lyrics will be about other stuff though ehe
thanks for your review man ;)


Hey bro I love the style you brought on this track, and I'm a rapper myself and I would love to ask if I can use your beat to freestyle on. I'm not taking credit or anything but I'll be sure to inclue your name. Messege me back or something. xD

C-Enterprise responds:

if you are going to post it on newgrounds no problem
just don't use this beat to make money from it since it's copyrighted lol
thanks for the props ;)


I Thought you Deleted Off Of NG For A While Or Sumshi Thats Y I Havent Reviewed N E New Stuff But Watever Dude Still Laying Down The Fire And Emotion On This Fucking Site Dude... Cant Wait For Your New Shiiieeet... Congrats On The Collabo Too... Burly And Dex Are Tight For Those That Dont Kno... Them Dudes Are Intelligent Rappers... Cant Wait For That Shit Either... Rated 10 And 5/5

C-Enterprise responds:

thanks for the vote lol
but we probably won't do the collab anymore, maybe later on..
thanks for your comment ;)


Great! Very relaxing! I was in a really bad mood... till now. Thx for your music man! wish u luck!

C-Enterprise responds:

Ehe thank you very much man :)