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Reviews for "G.I.R. Soundboard"

i loved that show

awsome but it missing the sqrill quote

i love this show...

thiis is awesome man, just mussing the 'pluggy thingy is unplugged' quote. STILL AWESOME!!!!


This is a GREAT SOUNDBOARD. For 3 reasons
1. It was of Gir
2. It had the Invader Zim theme song (My favoritest-est-est song)
3. It was of that cute little robot guy (Gir)^_^

The Graphics I rated 10 because I can, Style 'cause the 'Play it like a monkey' thing. Sound 'cause the Invader Zim theme song was in it and also because you got some of the best sayings from Gir (Except you should've put the 'Plug thing' saying). 10 for violence just because I can, even though it wasn't violent. 10 on Interactivity Interactivity because you click buttons! 10 on humor 'cause Gir is already really funny!

Overall, I give it a 10 because it's the greatest Gir soundboard ever (echoing)


i loved the musk & i pranked some 1 with it man the person just hung up when they heared the 9 butten i cliked lol u should try it

God I love GIR!

Why the heck did Nickelodeon cancel Invader Zim?! Every time GIR spoke on that show, I was rolling on the floor! At least someone made a soundboard. You did a helluva job on this. Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom!