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Reviews for "G.I.R. Soundboard"

fuckin awsome

i love gir! this is awsome!


Dude, you rock!!! I love G.I.R!


To those who said this wasn't funny out of context, you're right. But for those of us who can remember what the context was, this is frickin' hilarious. But the sound quality does need some tune-up.

Also, Invader Zim still plays quite often on the Nicktoons channel, and aside from the occasional short cartoon (I've seen Magical Trevor on there) and the few that I like (Angry Beavers, Pelswick, Rocko) is the only good show on there.

Not bad, but the volume needs changing.

To add to the last review, the show "Angry Beavers" was cancelled because the voice actors left to work on Zim.

Gir > You

To previous reviewers: Actually, Invader Zim was canceled because the creator, Jhonen Vasquez, has severe ADD and got bored with it. Nick actually offered him 3x the money if he kept doing IZ, but he refused. So blame him, not Nick.

Anyway, great soundboard, Gir rules.