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Reviews for "G.I.R. Soundboard"

invader zim is awesome

everything that goes with or is related to invader zim is awesome

I only have one recommendation...

Well you forgot to include a couple of screams, and my personal favourite line, "I liiiiike to maaaake waaaaffflllles..." But that's not *NECESSARY* or nothin'. Aside from that it needs no improvement. :D

A++ Qualtiy work!

This submission doesnt need any improvments, its things like these that Newgrounds needs for the site. I give this submission a 20/10!

almost perfect

it would be perfect if you put it all in one page, and organized... and a LITTLE better sound... otherwise... great job.

YAY!! More Gir!!

Weeeee coooooooooooool and lol I loved when you clicked on the pictures and you had extra sounds!! :O loved it lol, Gir is the best and...no offence to the other guy but...this soundboard is better than the other Gir one.... :D