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Reviews for "G.I.R. Soundboard"

To redglare:

Yes, unfortunately, Invader Zim got cancelled. Whenever Nickelodeon releases a show that's liked by people other than kids and it's not named Spongebob Squarepants, they cancel it. Other examples include Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, and The Angry Beavers, too, to a certain extent.

As for the soundboard, the sound quality was quite erratic. Many of them were too soft. It's not the best Gir soundboard I've come across on this site. What really made it worth it was the Zim theme song.


Irken Invader Elite! We shall rule!

i like gir

but i havnt seen invader zim in ages did they cancell it and whats the alien intro invasion song called? please tell me i wish to download it

you should have resampled them audio files.

Hard to hear, and even though GIR is very funny many of his lines are only funny in context. While I give you credit for the many samples you've collected, you should have normalized them so we can hear them without changing our speaker levels. Also, why not try a better way of presenting this? GIR is cool, use him!

I loved it!

This is a really good sound board. But, when you wrote "Give Me a Large Classic Poop", He really says "give me a large glass of poop". The doom song was really good quality. Congratulations on a good flash. LOL