Reviews for "Brainsick [DEMO] - 2008"

Sounds like...

...Spor. It really does, but i agree with RyanPridgeon, it does resemble Noisia aswell.
Love the punchy drums, and the growling bass, sounds immense and i can't wait for a final version.
I don't like the bass at 0:35, i think it would sound better with a reese and delay on the first note (this is me trying to be slightly technical)
When it's done, you should send this to http://www.liftedmusic .com/ and ask them to put it in their next podcast as demo of the week, i think they'd go for it.
Good work man, loving some of the other stuff as well, keep it up.

Wow awsome

U should make more nero-funk :D


i agree on the noisia style :D
only thing i would do is make the bass deeper and stretch out longer, now it's just like a short tone (but thats my opinion)


Had a real dark, NOISIA-style ring to it


Nice and sinster beginning, like something you'd hear in an apothoclyptyic-type setting. Adding the D&B later made it an awesome tune, keep up the good work!