Reviews for "Brainsick [DEMO] - 2008"

Cool Sound

Good sound, reminds me of Cursor Miner when the beats n bass are in later on in the mix, which is most definitely a good thing. I give it 8/10 as it's a demo and obviously unfinished, loads of potential though so 5d:)

i love this heavy stuff

reminds me of dracula , posidon, etc. this makes me like the neurofunk genre!

i cant wait until the day you release full of the heavy tracks because it sounds absolutely amazing. not to mention professional. i never buy CDs usually... but i would buy this one. awesome stuff!!!!


Bassline at 1:25 is totally ace! pls finish this!

This is the cools

Tell Drury I said hi.


would sound right at home on phace and misanthrop's new label!