Reviews for "Brainsick [DEMO] - 2008"

Defately one of your best.

I sure do hope you make this bigger better and longer.

This is better then most professional DnB artists.
You are going to go far my lad, I hope one day you deside to make it big.

Also, I think the other track I like is... grind??

Please finish that and upload, because that was really dirty aswell.

if I could, I would vote this 1000/10 but 5/5 10/10

Not Spor.

To Upyourface, I don't think it sounds like Spor... sounds more like Billain.

I think the only reason I'm reviewing was to say that. Personally I loved the bass at 0:35. This song is great. Good luck with the labels, we know how they are lol.


A sound start- now where's your finishing touches?

When I heard neurofunk during my high school years, it took me a while to appreciate it, especially when my first taste came from the U.K. DJ's, whom thanks
to them, have opened my ears about the genre of Dnb/Jungle/etc. Now that I'm a hell of a lot more experienced-(RUSSIAN DnB, check it out sometime..They can pullsome wicked tracks...), I can dig it as if it was the daily jam for the morning.

Interesting effect w/ the "clonk" in the beginning, because it sounds as if it was
a rusty, broken bell from afar. Otherwise, this is a good start for something big.

My suggestions: make it lean, mean and long. I'm sure that if every label were to hear this via the 4-5 min. range it'd def give you some production time of your own in the future for an album or two.

Also, should any local or national album labels reject you for any reason, go for the bigger labels (Elektra,Sony,Interscope,etc.) and give them a piece of mind why DnB is a major musical force in the top 20 charts.

Damn dude.

This goes in my DnB folder, right away.

How did you make the Bass?

I need to know how you made the resse, like the growling bass.
I wan2 make some dnb but i would like it to sound more like this.