Reviews for "Brainsick [DEMO] - 2008"


Hey I must say this is amazing. I wish you good luck for the label. You're probably going to get really far in the music industry, if that's what you wish!

Fill your tracks more

There really isn't a lot going on in this song. Don't get me wrong, it's very very good. Better than what I produce. But, I felt like the production was very empty. It's good from beginning to 0:45. I realize that's still just build up before the song really starts, but still, sampling and other FX could go a long way in this song. It sound so hollow and boring...

Try listening to the song The Terminal by Pendulum. During the build-up, there's a lot going on in the distant background of the song. Samples, static synths, etc. If you're pushing this to labels, I really think you would benefit from some fillers.

The structure itself is very solid, and I wouldn't change a thing there, just try to add some spice to your dish and it'll wind up a gourmet treat.


I was liking it

and then the song went past 1:24, and I started loving it. Sounds fantastic. Real high quality and a great rhythm. Good job.