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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"

Your songs are very soothing and touching

your songs always touch me..and i swear if u tell any one of my friends this i shall bash ur head....Just keep making songs.....

jackie1188 responds:

dont worry, i wont tell your friends, besides i don't know them anyways *g*
I will keep making them, don't worry, just continue listening to them.
And thanks for your rewiew!


That was awesome, You have talent.


Brings back memories and a smile. :D

During the transitions, there was a bit of lag, but that was the only reason it wasn't 10. My favorite part was the end, when you broke out in sillyness! :P Anyways, thanks for brightening up my morning and putting a smile on my face. This is what Audio on NG should be like, my friend.

Very good!

It got obnoxiously loud at some points though, but still excellent song!

Cute. :3

I found it perky and cute. :3
as a die hard mario fan, I found it pleasing. ^-^
good job.